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01 Feb
Digital Marketing Strategies

5 Digital marketing strategies for 2023

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving and it’s becoming more essential than ever for businesses to have coherent, comprehensive digital marketing strategies to stand out in a saturated market. In this rapidly changing competitive world using old conventional marketing strategies will not help you to grow your business. It’s time to focus on new channels and try out next generation strategies:

1. Vertical Shorts

The popularity of vertically oriented videos is set to persist in the coming years. Social media giants like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are promoting the creation of short, vertical videos for improved audience engagement.

Brief videos boast a higher rate of viewing completion, making them ideal for quickly delivering impactful content. Additionally, by opting for vertical branded videos, you can reach an additional 58% of people, thereby enhancing brand recognition.

Educational or entertaining videos, such as product demonstrations or fun facts, can be created to engage your audience. The less promotional in nature your video is, the stronger your relationship with potential customers is likely to be.

To further enhance your strategies, consider incorporating Instagram advertising or TikTok marketing into your plans. This will enable you to expand your reach and target audience on major social media platforms.

2. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a topic of much discussion in marketing circles, yet it can be a confusing and often overlooked. Nevertheless, AI can assist in streamlining the creation or adaptation of content and it can make the content creation process less cumbersome.

Moreover, AI can analyze large amounts of data to determine the ideal target audience, timing and type of information to convey. Some AI applications can also ensure a consistent style and tone across different departments, thereby fostering a unified approach to creating content that truly meets the needs of users.

3. Next-Generation SEO (Search engine optimisation)

In 2022, Google launched multiple algorithm updates with a focus on evaluating the usefulness and relevance of the content produced by ranking domains. In 2023, prioritizing quality over quantity is paramount for successful SEO.

Instead of solely focusing on keywords, strive to become a trusted authority on your topics by delivering content that is valuable to your audience. Reflect on the effectiveness of your content from the past 6-12 months and make adjustments to your strategy accordingly.

With evolving consumer expectations, 2023 presents an opportunity for exceptional digital marketing performance. Refine your approach, rather than completely revamping it, and cultivate a positive experience for your audience through engaging and useful content.

4. Mobile UX, Usability & CRO

Studies show that 4 in 5 consumers conduct local searches on search engines using their mobile devices. Technology and how people find information through their mobile devices is getting so advanced that it’s not enough to just have a mobile website – the interface has to be easy to read, grab people’s attention and then have the ability to lead them to whatever your website’s objective is.

5. Marketing automation

If you are a business that could use more leads, improve on your conversions, increase your retention rate and generate more consistent revenue, then marketing automation is the way to go. Why not let 2023 be the year that you bring your business to the next level?

And, remember, the most successful digital marketing strategies are just that: strategic. A thorough understanding of the intended audience and its ultimate goals is crucial. Join our next digital marketing courses for practical in class information.

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