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Google AdWords Course

Google AdWords Course

– Efficient paid advertisement on Google –

Get ahead of the competition in Google results from day one of creating optimised Google AdWords campaigns. When it comes to creating, managing and optimising paid ads, the cost of your campaign is inversely proportional to your PPC skills.

If you don’t know the system well you can end up paying double, triple or even more. Knowing how to structure a campaign and take advantage of all the functions provided by the AdWords platform will save you money and put you streets ahead.


This course is for you, both if you’re already managing AdWords campaigns and want to get better results for your money, or if you’re new to AdWords campaigning.


Google is the most used search engine, and YouTube is the most visited video sharing site, so the presence of a brand on Google AdWords is mandatory if you want to be where your customers are.

Google AdWords is a complex online promotion system that a Pay Per Click specialist can successfully use to increase sales or site traffic, optimise conversion rates, or lower the cost of ownership. Once the operating algorithm and optimisation techniques are understood, the specialist can easily determine the issues and opportunities that occurred during the campaigns.

Sign up so:

- you will understand what are the most important factors in the success of online promotion
- you want to manage Google AdWords campaigns without fear of losing money
- you will create campaigns and track real-time statistics on the platform
- you'll use advanced optimisation and campaigning techniques
- you will learn how to increase profitability and lower your promotion costs
- at the end of the training, you will be ready for the official Google AdWords certification
- you want to understand the work of a PPC specialist and maybe even follow such a career

Course structure

  • Open course (not limited to employees of a company, anyone can enrol)
  • Limited number of participants
  • Central location in London
  • The course lasts 8 hours, 4 hours per day
  • Graduation certificate on completion of course
  • Price: £550 or £350 (early bird price)

Course content

  • How to set up a Google AdWords campaign
  • How to identify the best keywords
  • Influencing the cost per click
  • Creating ad-content
  • Creating a selling landing page
  • Directing visitors to the right landing page
  • Monitoring of results
  • Optimisation of campaigns



PPC Specialist

  • Kate has worked for both small and big brands for Agencies and Affiliate Networks as Account Manager and Digital Media Manager.
Dates 28-29 Sept. 2019
Duration 8 Hours
Price £350.00
Location London Fields
Students 5-10
Certificate Yes



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