Our Team

Our Team

Our team includes passionate educational professionals and talented trainers with 5-10 years experience













Want to be a part of our team?


We are always seeking to expand our team with trainers who are experienced in online marketing, have a passion for teaching, and who can bring value to our courses and team.


You are the trainer we are looking for if:


– You are very passionate about online marketing. You have at least 5 years’ experience and you believe everyone would benefit if they understood it better,


– You like to teach almost as much as you like online marketing. You have already received appreciations for presentations that you have held, for your enthusiasm,  your patience and your ability to explain everything clearly,


– Although you could talk about your specialisation for hours, you know that the most effective courses are interactive, visual and practical. You understand that teaching works best if it’s backed up with many case studies, exercises and assessment tests, and you can prepare and sustain such presentations, in short, or in-depth,


– You can tailor the presentation taking into account the interests and level of knowledge of the course participants. You can prioritise the information, teaching courses that can clarify and summarise the most important notions in a field, while fitting it all within the available time,


– Your program allows you to teach periodically on some weekends, during the week after your daily work schedule, and sometimes in exceptional situations – even during working hours,


– You are well organised and punctual. You have an open and optimistic attitude and know how to make yourself well liked. You are a good team player and you can pay attention even to the smallest details, such as the proper outfit of a trainer,


– You are willing to update your presentation and the teaching method as a result of the students’ feedback and you really want to help people succeed in what they want to do, being willing to support them even after graduation if needed.


Do you see yourself in the description above?


Then we would love to meet you!


We are interested in trainers who can cover topics for which we already have courses, as well as for new themes and programs.


Our courses are taught mostly in London, but we are also interested in collaborations with trainers from other cities in U.K., or from other countries.


For suggestions or more information, you can contact us at office@londonmarketingacademy.com.


Tell us about your experience in the field, in 5-10 lines, containing the main projects or jobs you have had so far and the brands you worked for.


Tell us what course you would like to teach, why you think you would be a good trainer and send us your resume/CV, together with any other information you consider relevant.


Thank you for taking the time to read these requirements.


We are waiting to hear from you!


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29 Sep
Social Media Course September 2018

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Google AdWords Course October 2018

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Google Analytics Course October 2018

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24 Nov
Practical SEO Course November 2018

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16 Feb
Google Tag Manager Course February 2019

The next Google Tag Manager course will take place in London on the weekend of 16th and 17th of February, from 2 pm to 6 pm. More ...

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