SEO Course

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Search Engine Optimisation Course

SEO Course

– Optimising websites to reach first position on Google and other search engines –

What does your website need to get ahead of the competition? How can you bring traffic that converts to your online business? If you have been putting off learning SEO for a while or if you want to learn a new technical skill, this Search Engine Optimisation course can help you get results. No one knows your products and domain like you do. Rather than hiring an SEO company, it can be more practical and often more economical to gain the skills and strategies that you need to optimise your site yourself.

This course will help you expand your knowledge and implement the SEO strategy that will make your website rank better on Google. You will learn how to structure sites and how to write content that maximises your search engine ranking position. With practical exercises, you will then master how to attract and build quality links, how to avoid penalisations by Google, how to assess your competition, how to leverage AI, and how to generate great ideas for new content.


Laure is the Chief Marketing Officer at Veeveo, an eMobility startup, and blogger and social influencer at, a green lifestyle blog.

Having worked in Paris, San Francisco, and London, she loves marketing and enjoys teaching it to business owners and marketers. She has 15 years of experience in digital marketing, social media and content marketing as the head of marketing and communications at global companies, and dramatically improved the Google ranking of companies she worked for.

Always open to new technology and ideas, she researches and tests marketing techniques across several websites and brands. She won several B2C blogging awards in California and B2B industry awards in London.


This course is recommended for anyone with an online presence as a website or a blog. Whether you are working on an existing website or designing a new website, you will learn how to optimise your web pages, which activities you need to include in your SEO plan, and how to monitor your results going forward.

Don't let your website get lost in the sea of search results. Sign up for our SEO course and learn how to increase your website's visibility and attract more qualified traffic.


  • Open course (not limited to employees of a company, anyone can enrol)
  • Limited number of participants
  • Central location in London
  • The course lasts 8 hours, 4 hours per day
  • Graduation certificate on completion of course
  • In-Class Attendance: £750
  • Online Attendance: £550

Course content

  • Why you need SEO
  • 5-Step SEO strategy
  • Creating great content
  • AI and SEO
  • Marketing through search engines
  • Factors and updates of the Google algorithm
  • Targeted keyword research for maximum results
  • Technical analysis of website optimisation
  • Analysis of competitors’ sites and their results
  • Optimisation of pages and articles
  • Link building that gets results
  • Influence of other marketing methods on SEO
  • Developing an SEO strategy
  • SEO project management



SEO Specialist

  • Laure has 15 years of experience in blogging and marketing, including expertise in SEO, copywriting and content marketing.
Dates On demand
Duration 8 Hours
Price £550.00
Location London/GMeet
Students 5-10
Certificate Yes



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