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Cybersecurity Course for Marketers

Cybersecurity Course for Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Picture waking up on an ordinary morning, only to realise that your business’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have been running unauthorised ads, resulting in a significant financial impact of thousands of pounds. Hackers have gained access to a Facebook account that manages your company’s page, made themselves administrators of your Meta advertising accounts, changed the spending limits you set, and spent your entire company budget promoting their spam businesses through ads that quickly drained all the money in your account at the time. Neither Facebook, your bank, nor any of your employees could do anything to stop it.

This is a scenario that is both tragic and all too common. You probably know at least one person or business that has lost an account or page with a lot of followers. In addition to the financial losses and the loss of the account and pages with followers that support your business, there is also the emotional stress and the time spent trying to figure out how this happened, how to stop the attack, and how to protect yourself from what else could go wrong. Those are the days of hell when people regret not paying more attention to online security and start to learn how much they didn’t actually know about how to protect themselves online.

But you think that you’re already doing and knowing enough, so it can’t happen to you. You have your systems up to date, you have an antivirus installed, you don’t click on suspicious links, you have a unique and secure password, and you even use 2FA or MFA. If there was anything else, you would have probably found out about it online or from the people around you. Unfortunately, the things mentioned above represent the bare minimum of online hygiene, which, although it can put up obstacles in the way of attacks, cannot stop them if you have made other mistakes that nobody talks about much.

That’s why we have prepared a new course with information on how to protect your business online as a marketer, freelancer, or entrepreneur. A course that does not require prior knowledge of networking or understanding the various terms used in security. A practical cybersecurity course that will provide you with not only basic knowledge, but also practical skills to protect your online business.


Not everyone is equally targeted by cyberattacks. Holders and employees of companies that manage paid advertising accounts attract the attention of hackers. Marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are especially targeted by hackers due to the permissions they have to advertising accounts, to managing the company's pages and website, and to databases with customer information.

A cyberattack on a brand can severely damage the reputation and trust of customers and can have financial repercussions that are difficult for businesses to bear. The course will help to raise awareness of cybersecurity risks, develop practical skills for protecting your online business, and improve professional credibility by demonstrating commitment to cybersecurity.

If you are a marketer, freelancer, or entrepreneur, this course is for you. By taking this course, you will learn how to protect your business from cyberattacks and how to minimize the damage if an attack does occur. Don't wait until it's too late - sign up for the course today!


  • On demand
  • 1-10 participants
  • Standard price: £150/hour
  • Location: online
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Graduation certificate on completion of course

Course content

  • How to protect your accounts from digital threats.
  • Identifying and avoiding phishing attacks.
  • Security measures to protect your website from attacks.
  • Preventing financial losses caused by cyberattacks.
  • Preventing unauthorized access to customer data.
  • How to protect your online communications.
  • Protecting devices and data during business trips.
  • The impact of a cyberattack on reputation and preventive solutions.
  • Protecting information on mobile devices in the context of their growing use.
  • Protecting digital identity and preventing identity theft.
  • How to quickly and efficiently manage security incidents when they occur.
  • How to recover brand image after an incident.



Cybersecurity Specialist

  • Ela is a digital marketing manager and cybersecurity specialist with 15 years of experience in managing online businesses and protecting them from cyberattacks.
Dates On demand
Duration 2-4 hours
Price £150 / hour
Location Online
Students 1-10
Certificate Yes



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