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10 May
Digital Marketing 2023 tips

Building a business in 2023 has become much more difficult than ever before. There are many more businesses being established, and markets are becoming more saturated over time.


In this article we will share 3 tips that’ll help give your business an edge and keep you ahead of your competitors in 2023.


1.    Optimise your digital assets effectively


To get more paying customers on an ongoing basis is essential for any business to survive. A great way to ensure this happening in an automated way is by building a website, setting up social media profiles and claiming your Google My Business Profile (now Google Maps Profile) at the very least. However, many businesses do this and find that they do not get much awareness or traction from their online presence.


A big reason why businesses do not see any gains from their digital presence is because they have not optimised their digital assets for search engines (the largest still currently Google which is estimated receive over 8.5 billion searches per day). In 2023 it is important to also consider voice search optimisation within your search marketing strategy when optimising your assets so be sure to include the use of longer tail keywords.


A great way to stay ahead of your competitors is to optimise every profile and digital asset you own to be compliant with relevant search engines by making use of Search Engine Optimisation.



2.    Gain Under priced Attention


Getting new people to discover your business gradually over time certainly can be a very big challenge and doing this at a fast pace is an even greater challenge.


Many businesses think about radio, tv, newspaper and banner advertising as the most effective form of awareness generation for their business but don’t realise that consumer attention in 2023 is still largely gained via smart phones in 2023. For these reasons digital advertising channels such as Facebook and Google are still under-priced by comparison.


There are many businesses that discover the above information daily but get over excited at the possibilities and FOMO in. They hope for spectacular results without making sure they gain the required entry level knowledge first. A bit like playing a piano on stage in front of a crowd without practicing for many years beforehand.


Don’t make this same mistake. Do your own research and make steady progress towards achieving your business goals.



3.    Start to Familiarise yourself with AI technology


One of the many things that make digital marketing so powerful is the ability to automate processes by making use of artificial intelligence. Whilst this can be done in various ways including the use of Facebook Pixels and Email Automation campaigns, a popular new addition to this mix is making use of natural language processing tools; chatbots.


They are designed to do the thinking for you and save you time by helping you to draft long winded messages and or/text. A great and popular example for you to check out is ChatGPT which entered the market in 2022 but has more noticeably taken off in 2023.


Tools like this will surely help you with building large email campaigns, writing large numbers of blog posts or even writing ad copy for multiple ad variants when you wish to scale your digital marketing campaigns to the next level.



What’s next?


Of course, there are many other tools and approaches alongside those mentioned above that you can be doing to get your business off the ground.

However, it is important for you to bear in mind that doing the simple stuff well will be enough to keep you ahead of your competitors who are in the game but probably not getting much back from their efforts due to the incorrect application of newly found knowledge.


So go ahead, execute, and make 2023 the year that digital marketing helps you to accomplish all your business goals!


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