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For those who are interested in longer courses, with a greater number of study hours, practical exercises and tests, we offer a one-year academy that includes both classroom classes, individual study hours and exercises and tests on our students online platform.




Within the Academy you will acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical experience for all the important fields of study in Digital Marketing.


You will gain an in-depth specialization off planning online marketing campaigns, search engine optimisation, online advertising, developing campains through social media and email marketing, project launching and re-launching, auditing and reporting.




Courses begin in November and end at the end of July, group classes taking place once a week for 2 hours and a half after the work schedule.

The groups are maintained at a maximum of 5 to 12 students. Evaluations take place quarterly. The Academy has a total of 180 hours and the price of 8469 GBP.


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