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01 Jan
Artificial Intelligence and Online Marketing?

In the last few years, the increase of processing capacity and stored data volume has facilitated the development of a new approach for AI programming: Deep Learning.

What is Deep Learning?

It is a programming technique through which the functionality of the human brain is approximated by various layers of artificial neurons with similar functions and connections between them much like the data transmitting axons and dendrites.

Unlike classic programming in which we started from the Input and made our way through the program which generated the Output, neural networks start from the Input and Output and then generate the program.

Although it cannot do everything we can, AI already performs certain tasks better than us, like estimating trends and values based on existing data.
If you want to visually understand how deep learning works you can access the Google Playground website.

The impact of this new programming technique is so big that Google wants to rebrand itself as a Machine Learning company.

How do Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence influence Online Marketing?

Due to the fact that AI needs a large data set, currently it is only feasible for large companies.

Google uses Machine Learning for YouTube recommendations, the facilitation of telephonic conversations and Google Translate improvements, but also to understand what users actually want when they type in a long phrase in the search box.

Nevertheless, AI applications start to also appear for smaller firms.

Content and image generating AI’s:

ChatGPT is an AI developed by OpenAI that was trained on billions of words and phrases, it can write poems, give you ideas on what content to write, text idea for promotion of your product, etc.

Here is ChatGPT writing a letter from Santa to a girl explaining he is not real:

Another product by OpenAI is very useful when you need design ideas is DALL E 2, it can generate images based on a description:

Banner design ideas:

Website design ideas:

The images generated need to be adjusted, but they can be a good start.

MidJourney and Stable Diffusion are also good image generators. They can be used together with ChatGPT, you can take the description form ChatGPT and insert it into an image generating AI.

This resulted in a now debate whether AI generated art is art, artists are staging protests against AI generated art:

We recommend that you play with these tools and to find ways in which they can help you improve your creativity and productivity.


Although firms don’t really use chatbots, according to a study carried out by Facebook Messaging Survey, 53% of the consumers state that they would rather buy from a business with which they can communicate via chat and 63% state that they currently send more messages to various brands then they did 2 years ago.

AI based chatbots are presently at their beginnings and it is very difficult to actually use them. Microsoft has created a chatbot for Twitter in 2016 named Tay which was meant to learn from conversations with actual people. This experiment quickly backfired after a few ill intent users taught it to be racist.

There are nevertheless hybrid solutions implementing AI and classic “if-then” bots which can make a surprisingly good impression on users. This kind of chatbot is being developed by IBM and is called Watson. It allows for the analysis of clients’ feelings from reviews, tweets, emails and texts.

Other Machine Learning based marketing tools

Companies like AgileOne use Machine Learning to understand and better divide clients in their databases.

MOZ uses Machine Learning to extract the author of a web page as a part of the “Moz Content” tool.

Some of the new appearances in this branch include the content generators based on Deep Learning such as Article Forge which can write an entire article starting from a short user input in just 30 seconds.

How does Article Forge work? It reads all of the web pages covering that subject and then writes a completely original article based on the given expression. The quality of the article as viewed by the human user is not perfect however. Regardless, in due time this type of tools may become highly useful.

Zenbid automatically optimises Ads (AdWords) campaigns, highlights the issues and can even create new Ad Groups when it deems it necessary.

Pave A.I. can study a Google Analytics report and compare it with over 16 million possible combinations in order to identify the channels on which you should focus on and the pages requiring improvement.

The new tool from BuzzSumo called Question Analyzer is capable of showing you the most frequent questions regarding a certain subject, as well as the online places in which they are asked, so basically it is a gold mine for content writers and online marketers. is a Chrome plugin that uses Blockchain technology and which recently had an ICO. allows you to extract email addresses from Linkedin profiles and websites.
Although AI is still a young technology and many of its variations impose certain practical issues, it is a branch worthy of attention which will surely create new industries and replace many of the already existing ones.

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