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02 Aug
Blockcahin diplomas

London Marketing Academy is among the first schools in the world to link their digital marketing courses diplomas to the Ethereum blockchain, making them impossible to forge.

Just 3 easy steps are required to check a blockchain diploma authenticity:

1. Copy the student’s certificate hash from the issued diploma.

2. Scan the Ethereum blockchain for the copied diploma hash using third party websites like https://ethplorer.io/

3. Compare the student name and the issuing address to our London Marketing Academy Ethereum address, displayed on the https://londonmarketingacademy.com/ website.

Using this technology, graduates can now prove the authenticity of their certificates and have a way to share it across their network and recruiters can verify diploma they’ve received with few clicks.

Documents stored in blockchain can’t be forged, changed or removed, and are accessible by anyone.

It will take some time before all schools and institutions can effectively adopt the blockchain secured diploma system but it is the only real solution to the massive diploma mill industry.

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